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Pander with an audience

Noted Oregon painter Henk Pander will visit Newport to talk about his “Times of Our...

An in-convent truth
Catch some color in Lincoln City
Art in the spotlight


Keep your eyes on the pies
Whether you want six pieces or eight, Captain Dan’s has you covered
A Kraken place for a drink
Take it as red: there’s a warm welcome for all at the Red Roof
Flagging on the Fourth?

Lori Tobias

August occasions

As I write, this last week of July, my thoughts turn to August. Our relationship is complicated,...

Raise the Woof
A rail disappointment
Don’t bet on it


A trek with knoll limits

Sweeping views and a host of wildlife will be among the rewards for those who persevere on the...

Spout time for a celebration
Wild at Netarts
Flowers that make a state-ment


Rust assured, it’s quite a show

If you think you’ve seen heavy metal, think again. From Friday, Aug. 17, to Sunday, Aug.

You don’t know Jack, yet
A real brass act
Time for Tahiti, in Newport