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Unearth a great show

Cabaret of the DEAD will lurch into life this Saturday, Oct. 20, in Lincoln City, with colorful...

Mann, that sounds good
Book early, for ‘Better Late’
Listen, dance, repeat


Rooting for the little guys Food Roots helps small farms thrive on the Oregon Coast

By Ann Powers

For the TODAY

It’s a ton of hard work, but...

Elevating Otis
Feathering the nest
Keep your eyes on the pies

Lori Tobias

Generating a surge in interest

On Dec. 26, 2004, Steven Eberlein was coming out of a shopping mall restroom in Sri Lanka when a...

A first take on the Second City
Ready alert
Live and learn


Share the bird’n this weekend
nat cal
Beat gray weather, with heather
Ruff it at Lincoln City’s Beach Bark
Harvest festival crops up again


A decade of love

Toledo’s Trinity United Methodist Church will mark 10 years as a congregation that...

Get screened for talent
There’s plenty of fun in spore
Sticking to the s-crypt
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