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Man, that sounds good

If you need proof that music brings people together, look no further than Newport on Saturday,...

Slide on in and take a seat
Grab life by the horns
If you’ve got it, flaut it.


Doing a brisket trade
Menu revamp is proving popular at Toledo’s Twisted Snout Brewery
Seasons to be cheerful...
A sign of change

Lori Tobias

Tipping the scales

The hubs came home last week with seven rock fish, a healthy-sized ling cod and a half a dozen...

Some career highs
Making a splash on the coast
Feeling lightly toasted

Matt Love

The Whitman Dash

A few months back, I reread Walt Whitman’s autobiographical “Specimen Days”...

An encounter with a family
“The Sea Around Us” and new ways of protecting nature
The detractor and the duel


Birders with knoll limits

Nature fans will have the chance to get a little perspective this Saturday, June 25, when the...

Return of a rock star
Dig the music at secret garden tour
Get in motion at the ocean


Make some a-door-able art

Newcomers and seasoned artists alike are being invited to try their hand at art projects in a...

(Good) book your spot now
Depoe Bay is zoned for fun
4-H fun for all