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Eden Hall braces for code blue

Blues star Curtis Salgado will make a stop at the Oregon Coast on Friday, June 22, for a...

Compose yourself, in Newport
Looking for some fin art
Fareed brings the Funk


Mangia restaurant is heating up for the summer

Story & photos by Gretchen Ammerman

For the TODAY

Opening a restaurant is...

Shaking up an old classic
Pitcher perfect
Start on a high note

Lori Tobias

A touching encounter

Until recently, my close encounters with jelly fish (as I used to call them) occurred on the...

A singular sign off
Feeling the pressure
Shuffling the pack


Try a little twitter diplomacy

The Audubon Society of Lincoln City will lead a birding walk this Saturday, June 16, taking in...

Honk if you’re going
Hawks at the Head
Take a hike, to Mike


Jump to it

An upcoming dance camp from the Newport School of Artistic Movement will offer action-packed,...

Day camps kids will dig
Giving veggies the stamp of approval
Oh crumbs, it’s Father’s Day