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A noir-rated performance

The Dmitri Matheny Group will showcase soulfully sinister selections from their new album...

Relatively funny
No trouble for these troubadours


Frére trade
Founder’s brother keeps Cafe C’est La Vie in the family
Raising the standard
Doing a brisket trade
Seasons to be cheerful...

Lori Tobias

In writings’ ‘Wander’-lust, author finds connections

Nine years ago, I set out to write a profile of a man for The Oregonian. Few stories gave me a...

Help wanted — or should we say NEEDED?
Tipping the scales
Some career highs

Matt Love

One Man’s Beach: Return of the Limpets
TODAY columnist Matt Love discovers an old friend on the beach
Random beach thoughts
Grieving for Sonny
Last letter to Sonny


A fair day’s work
Get Out
A Gem of a trek
Get a porpoise, see a whale
Toast the weekend


Get some peace this summer

Registration is now open for Peace Village Newport, a week-long, multi-cultural and multi-faith...

Knit to be missed
Don’t let this path you by
Scales, tails and sails