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A show that trumps the rest

If the upcoming presidential election makes you want to scream and smash things, it appears you...

Looking for something Pacific?
Get (Wain)right on this
Be part of a chorale formation


A joint with altitude
Take off to lunch, at the 60’s Café in Lincoln City
Get the scoop!
Frére trade
Raising the standard

Lori Tobias

A new chapter
TODAY columnist Lori Tobias musters confidence in the runup to her literary debut
Cooking school
In writings’ ‘Wander’-lust, author finds connections
Help wanted — or should we say NEEDED?

Matt Love

One Man’s Beach: Return of the Limpets
TODAY columnist Matt Love discovers an old friend on the beach
Random beach thoughts
Grieving for Sonny
Last letter to Sonny


Plow ahead with a visit

Roaming elk, soaring eagles and frolicking river otters are all part of the daily grind at...

Music of the spheres
Receive some tweets this Friday
Dig in and help out


A few key topics

Philosophy, religion and how many sugars to put in a cup of tea all feature in the slate of...

At pains to educate
Time to talk?
CERT-ainly useful