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Rising to the occasion
Red Moon Road bring their folk sound to Lincoln City
Grab a dog — at Lincoln City’s Artober Brewfest
Making a buzz — on the fly
Taking the library by storm


A breath of fresh Éire
O’Downey’s offers a new take on old-world charm
At home in The Bay House
Welcome to the fold
It’s the season for saison

Lori Tobias

Rescue by numbers
TODAY columnist Lori Tobias looks at the figures behind a plan to make our beaches safer
Seeing with fresh eyes
Coach class
A public life

Matt Love

One Man’s Beach
TODAY columnist Matt Love on the transformative power of a dog at the beach
One Man’s Beach
One Man’s Beach
One Man's Beach archive — 2014


Squeeze this into your Saturday
Take a trip to Alder Creek Farm for traditional harvest festival fun
Support seedlings at the harvest festival
Ho-ping for a little help
Unleashed! (but still on strings)


Home tour follows unusual root
American Association of University Women promise to leaf no stone unturned
Be part of a choral formation
Soccer nears kick off
Lessons on living well