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He made strum time for the coast

After playing gigs in Seattle and Portland, flamenco guitarist José Antonio Rodríguez...

Students take notes, in Newport
Mardi grab a seat for this
Look what’s blown in to Neskowin


He’s not kidding
Lincoln City’s Captain Dan tackles questions on child-rearing
Hatching new ideas
Pint-sized? As if.
You knead to try this

Lori Tobias

A wine-win deal

Some years ago, I was invited to attend a food and wine fest in Adelaide, Australia. It was a...

A life lived with zest
Some pretty slick driving
An Eve-volving celebration


Shore to be interesting

A pair of upcoming training sessions from the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team will...

Better than dirt cheap, it’s free.
Pop out for a quick run
Care to medal with an elk?


Wait for the bell

Anyone dozing off at the Tuesday, Feb 28, session of the Oregon Coast Learning Institute will...

No more butts
Go Oscars wild