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Arts & Culture

Artist to float a new concept
Career photographer Vern Bartley to speak at Newport arts lunch
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Building a better mousetrap
Cover to cover Oregon


Live high on the hog at PigFeathers BBQ and Twisted Snout Brewery in Toledo
In the eight years since opening PigFeathers BBQ at the foot of Toledo’s Main Street, the...
Welcome to the CLUB
The first resort
Ready, willing & Table

Lori Tobias

Here’s your sign
TODAY columnist Lori Tobias on the dangers of underestimating the ocean
Bee serious
East (finally) meets west
Re-Joyce, Bloomsday’s here again

Matt Love

Get Newported with beach bonfire poetry
TODAY columnist Matt Love on a coastal poet who stirs the soul
One Man’s Beach: Elation and victory
Master Fort Shredder
Bob Straub on saving Nestucca Spit


All come to look at America
Replica of historic cup-winning yacht to dock in Newport
A coast workshop worth crashing
Walk to the rock
Sign up. Clean up.


Follow the path — to Yachats
If you can imagine it, you can find it at Pathways to Transformation
Go old school this summer
Take a leaf from the experts’ book
Well, scrap that idea