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The place to bee

Arts and crafts of all kinds will be on offer in Pacific City this weekend as the Nestucca...

It be-hooves you to take a look
Some tasteful theater
Harp on, in Lincoln City


Your ’scoping mechanism
Eclipse got you stressed? Find sweet relief at Captain Dan’s Pirate Pastry Shop.
Raising the roof
An international flavor
My cookie, ‘tis of thee

Lori Tobias

Pages for ages Robert’s Bookshop marks 30 years in Lincoln City

I love talking books and I consider myself well-read enough to carry on an intelligent...

A Wander-full evening
A touch of the dram-atic
Cliff Notes: Casting about, without a ‘Doubt’


A totality awesome show

Does your classic ride leave the competition in the shade? If so, Cruise-In Cloverdale has the...

A paper view event
Here comes the son
Nonprofits to clean up on trash duty


Make it a leap year

Registration is now open for a wide array of classes at the Newport School of Artistic Movement,...

There’s nothing we can say…
Crash the party
Save the date