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The fastest car you ever saw

Published on March 14, 2017 12:54PM

Christian Johnson

Christian Johnson

Andrew Hester

Andrew Hester

An upcoming race involving two packs of Lincoln City Cub Scouts will see competitors hoping to leave their fellow scouts in the dust — the sawdust to be precise.

The Thursday, March 23, race is a Pine Wood Derby, a contest that challenges scouts to create a winning car from no more than a seven-inch block of wood, four wheels and four nails.

Cub Scouts from Lincoln City’s Pack 47 and Pack 466 will line up their creations on the starting line at 6 pm in the Old Fire House, located at 1206 SE 48th Place in Taft.

The Pine Wood Derby tradition goes back to 1953 when Manhattan Beach Cub Master Don Murphy organized the first event to provide an activity his younger son, who was too young to participate in the Soap Box Derby.

The new event saw the younger cub scouts craft model cars from wooden blocks and race them down a pine wood track in front of a large audience at the Manhattan Beach Scout House.

Within a year, Pine Wood Derby racing spread out from the scout house to the city parks in the Los Angeles area. Murphy gave the Boy Scouts of America permission to use his idea on a national basis and the sport quickly became a fun part of Cub Scouting.

In 1955, the Boy Scouts commissioned master model airplane builder Art Hasselback to create a standardized kit based on Murphy’s original design.

Scouts competing at Thursday’s event will be vying for the right to race at the District Pine Wood Derby, hosted by the Yaquina District of the Oregon Trail Council, BSA, on April 8 in Newport.

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