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Respect his author-ity

Published on February 14, 2017 3:40PM

Cartman from

Cartman from "South Park"

Arthur Bradford

Arthur Bradford

To some it might seem no more than a gaggle of foulmouthed nine-year-olds perpetually bundled in winter garb, but for award-winning author Arthur Bradford, “South Park” is quite the inspiration.

And this Saturday, Feb. 18, Bradford will bring his admiration for Cartman, Kenny and company to the Oregon Coast, kicking off the 2017 season of the Manzanita Writers’ Series.

In a workshop entitled “What Can Writers Learn From South Park?” Bradford will argue that the unconventional way the show is produced offers valuable lessons for anyone engaged in creative pursuit, especially writers.

Bradford has published two books of fiction and is also an established documentary filmmaker. He brought his writer’s sensibility to a recent film project in which he documented the creation of “South Park” for Comedy Central. The film, “Six Days to Air” was nominated for an Emmy Award, in part because of the unprecedented, intimate access to the writer’s room of the show.

In the Manzanita workshop, Bradford will show clips from his film and discuss which lessons apply to writers of both fiction and non-fiction. The lessons will then be applied to short writing exercises, after which participants are encouraged to share and comment on each other’s work.

The workshop will run from 1 to 3:30 pm at the Hoffman Center for the Arts, 594 Laneda Avenue.

Tuition is $40 and online registration is available at http:/hoffman.blog.

Later that evening, Bradford will return to the center to read from his collection of short stories “Turtle Face and Beyond.”

The reading will begin at 7 pm and will be followed by a Q&A and then an open mic where up to nine local or visiting writers will read five minutes of their original work. The suggested theme is “A Good Idea That Turned Bad.”

Admission for the evening reading is $7.

A series of fortunate events

Other authors scheduled to appear during this year’s Manzanita Writers’ Series include Laurie Frankel, author of “This Is How It Always Is;” Jonathan White, author of “Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean;” Pauls Toutonghi, author of “Dog Gone;” Diana Abu-Jaber, author of “Life Without a Recipe;” and Ingrid Thoft, author of “Duplicity.”

Each will teach writing workshops during the day, with topics ranging from “Mastering Murder” to “Culinary Memoir.”

The series will also host a number of special events this year, beginning on April 15, with a workshop on “Publishing Your Chapbook” by John Sibley Williams.

And on July 29, Liz Prato, author of “Baby’s On Fire,” will conduct a workshop entitled “Writing Outside the Box,” which was postponed last year due to storms.

Also new this year is a pair of online writing workshops in May that will culminate in a weekend retreat at the coast.

Workshop details, schedule and registration information is available at hoffmanblog.org.

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