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Roll up, for spring classes at Oregon Coast Community College

Published on April 10, 2018 7:20PM

Japanese Home-Style Cooking, starts May 8

Japanese Home-Style Cooking, starts May 8

Silents, Please, starts Saturday, April 14

Silents, Please, starts Saturday, April 14

From Japanese cuisine to mussel harvesting to the wonders of silent movies, the spring lineup of Community Education Classes from Oregon Coast Community College promises to feed the mind, fill the belly and enrich the soul.

For full details or to register, go to oregoncoastcc.org

Mussel Harvesting

3:30-5:30 pm, Friday, April 20 • $20

Beach location TBA • Lincoln City

Say goodbye to the days of cutting beach visits short due to hunger with this class, which shows students how to find the freshest seafood there is.

Participants will learn what to look for, how to pick the best mussels and how to harvest them carefully so as to cause the least possible disruption to other mussels.

Best of all, instructor Paul Robertson, of Robertson Environmental, will share a favorite recipe for fresh mussels — and will prepare a sample right on the beach.

Participants must have a valid Oregon Shellfish License and must be able to walk on uneven ground. Please bring a bucket and boots.

Russia’s Dramatic History

5:30-7 pm, Thursdays, April 26-June 14 • $60

Central County Campus • Newport

Jeffrey Durham tells the thrilling story of the drama and tragedy that has transformed Russia since its beginnings as a nation. From the brilliance of world-class literature, culture and music to the horrors of mass killing, war and fierce authoritarian governments, Russia has always been a place of tremendous contradictions. Students will explore these contradictions and discern why Russia is what it is today on the international stage.

Building a Nation

10:30-noon, Fridays, May 4-June 8 • $60 plus materials fee

Central County Campus • Newport

Put your geographic and cultural knowledge to work building an imaginary country that is a model for the world but, because it is populated by humans, also not without its flaws. Led by Jeffrey Durham, this course will invite a lot of free-form conversation, debate and consensus building.

Silents, Please!

9 am-noon, Saturdays, April 14-28 • $50

North County Campus • Lincoln City

David Wilson leads this in-depth look at the artistry of silent films created by Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. Each week, class will explore one filmmaker’s career and finest work.

Birding Basics

1:30-3 pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays, May 1, 3, 8 & 10 • $40 plus $10 materials fee

North County Campus • Lincoln City

Birds of the Oregon Coast are the focus of this two-week class taught by Caren Willoughby, Laura Doyle and Mark Elliott. Topics will include bird identification, adaptions and habitat, with a field trip on the final day.

Japanese Art, Culture & Food III

10 am-1 pm, Tuesdays, May 8-June 12 • $90 plus $50 materials fee

Central County Campus • Newport

This class offers a unique approach to deeper understanding of Japanese culture through art and food. Each session, instructor Sachiko Otsuki focuses on different themes related to art history and everyday cooking. Students will get to enjoy a Japanese lunch and discussions after each cooking demonstration. New students welcome.

Japanese Home-Style Cooking

6-8 pm, Tuesdays, May 8-June 12 • $60 plus $50 materials

Central County Campus • Newport

Sachiko Otsuki leads this class explaining Japanese culture through the lens of Japanese home-style cooking. This introduction to Japanese culture and the cooking demonstration might just inspire you to try some alternative meal ideas.

Introduction to Quilting

2-5 pm, Thursdays, April 12-June 7 o $160, plus $20 materials fee

Central County Campus • Newport

Judy Anderson and Sherry Sutton lead this class, showing how to choose fabrics while considering value, pattern size, color compatibility and contrast. Students will also learn how to choose threads, follow a quilting pattern and press seams.

Learn how to Crochet

2-5 pm, Friday, April 13-June 15 • $95 plus $10 materials fee

Central County Campus • Newport

Each student will create a wearable item in this class from Judy Anderson. Students will learn about yarn selection, which crochet hook to use, how to read and follow a pattern and more.

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