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Published on August 29, 2017 3:19PM

Last changed on August 29, 2017 4:06PM

Sifan Kahale

Sifan Kahale

Eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Bridges of Lincoln County

Bridges of Lincoln County

Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

Marine Mammals Ashore

Marine Mammals Ashore

The Oregon Coast Learning Institute will be aiming for the stars as it kicks off a 14th year of educational presentations this Tuesday, Sept. 5, with a talk from astronomer Sifan Kahale.

Kahale will share her scientific and personal observations of the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse and give a virtual tour of the PanSTARRS Observatory on Maui, where she works as an observer and software engineer.

Kahale’s presentation will begin at 10 am, and will be followed after lunch by Larry Martin’s “The Cold War, Revisited” at 1 pm.

Martin will present a historical account of US relations with Russia and the former Soviet Union since the end of World War II, covering the major hot spots and crisis points of this dramatic era.

OCLI is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization in Lincoln County made up of retired people who want to stimulate their intellectual interests in an atmosphere of shared learning. The annual membership dues of $75 cover 12 Tuesdays in fall and another 12 Tuesdays in winter starting January 2. Visitors are always welcome to attend a full day’s presentations for free.

Sessions take place at Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, located east of the traffic signal light at Gleneden Beach.

The Sept. 5 kick off session will begin with a coffee and cookies reception at 9 am.

For more information, go to ww.ocli.us or call 541-994-4610 or 541-265-8023.

Sept. 12

10 am: Eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Geologist Sheila Alfsen, will break down the 1980 eruption into its components and discuss the advances in volcanology made as result.

1 pm: The Austin Automobile

Geoff Lavear recounts how the Austin became Britain’s largest export automobile after World War II.

2 pm: The Restoration of P.T. Boat 658

Naval retiree Rob Parks shares the history of torpedo boats from the Civil War through World War II and the ongoing effort to restore PT 658.

At Eden Hall, Gleneden Beach

Sept. 19

10 am: The Buffalo Field Campaign

Mike Mease gives and account of his life’s work, protecting and preserving America’s national mammal — the Yellowstone Bison.

1 pm: Rocky Creek: Dam or Fish

Joyce Sherman shares the history and perspective of the Stewards of Rocky Creek and explores the question of whether Newport should build a dam on the waterway.

Sept. 26

10 am: A Writer’s Journey

Sharon Heisel shares one writer’s journey from idea to book-in-hand — and beyond.

11 am: OMSI and Camp Gray

Anne Armstrong shares a brief history of OMSI Outdoors leading to how the goals and values of the program influenced the design of Camp Gray.

1 pm: Doctors Without Borders

Jay Cox, MD, shares the history of this nonprofit global health group and its US counterpart, Health Volunteers Overseas.

Oct. 3

10 am: Bridges of Lincoln County

Judy Fleagle presents a short biography of famed coastal bridge engineer Conde B. McCullough.

1 pm: Thomas Jefferson & the Hemings of Monticello

Ric Neese explores the world of Monticello viewed through the mysteries of the intimate relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings.

Oct. 10

Yaquina Bay Field Trip

Take a tour of the Pacific Maritime Heritage Museum followed by a guided dock walk and presentation about the local fishing industry, capped off with a visit to Foulweather Trawl to see how commercial fishing nets are made.

Oct. 17

10 am: Atkinson: Father of Oregon Public Education

Don Sevetson presents his new research on George Atkinson, a missionary whose energy and passion played a large role in forming Oregon’s education system, its early railroad network and its prison system.

1 pm: TED Talks

Judy McNeil facilitates lectures and discussion on current topics.

Oct. 24

10 am: Renaissance Art

Rosanne Berton explores the major artists, patrons, popes and politicians of an era that could be renamed “The New, The Depraved and the Beautiful.”

1 pm: Symphony and Chorale

John Lavrakas and Dr. Mary Lee Scoville share the story of the Newport Symphony and the Central Coast Chorale.

Oct. 31

10 am: Newport: Coast Resort to Marine Research Center

Matt Spangler traces the evolution of Newport from its origin as an ocean seaport to its recent emergence as a center for marine science and research.

1 pm: Teachers in Space

Mary Smothers shares details of this NASA program, designed to inspire students, honor teachers and spur interest in mathematics, science and space exploration.

2 pm: Cuba Revealed: Cultural Pathways

Conrad and Gail Willett give an account of their 2016 visit to Cuba, covering art, music, dance, politics, economics, Cuban history, wonderful people and more.

Nov. 7

10 am: OCCC Work Initiatives

Dan Lara, the new dean of academics and workforce at Oregon Coast Community College, will talk about the college’s contributions, recent accomplishments and long-term goals.

1 pm: Arts and Culture on the Oregon Coast

Niki Price, Dorcas Holpzapfel and Greg Berton will talk about the evolution of the Lincoln City Cultural Center and its role in the growth of a strong, diverse coastal arts community.

Nov. 14

10 am: Cannabis 101

Rachael Knox, MD, and Janice Knox, MD, make the case for cannabis as an answer to many medical problems.

1 pm: Diamonds

Kathryn Heater gives the lowdown on the world’s most romantic rock.

2 pm: Money, Money, Money!

Lou Boudreau poses the questions: Money, what is it? When did it start? How does it exist and what is its future?

Nov. 21

10 am: Diving Bonaire

Retired marine biologist Bori Olla and his wife, Jill, recount their experiences diving amid the coral reefs of this small Caribbean island.

1 pm: Marine Mammals Ashore

Jim Rice explains how marine mammal stranding events offer a wealth of information to researchers and resource managers.

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