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Workshop sheds light on solar eclipse

Published on July 26, 2016 4:07PM

Prepare to be eclipsed as Multiverse, an earth and space science educational program from the University of California, Berkeley, hosts the educational workshop “Eclipse Across America Awareness Tour” on the total solar eclipse.

The workshop will be held at the Lincoln City Cultural Center at 6:30 pm Tuesday, Aug. 2, just over a year before North America is scheduled to wintess its first total solar eclipse in more than 40 years — on Aug. 21, 2017.

Where will you be on this extraordinary day next summer? Luckily, for people who live in the path of totality, this experience will inspire a new generation of visitors to Lincoln City. The workshop in Lincoln City is just one stop in Multiverse’s awareness tour to help communities prepare for the event.

Community leaders, fire and police departments, park rangers, business owners, librarians, teachers, public service providers and citizens are all invited to attend the workshop. During the presentation, Multiverse will discuss the science and impact of next year’s total solar eclipse as well as answer questions and concerns from the public.

“We want everyone to know about the natural wonder, scientific importance and social impact of viewing a live total solar eclipse,” Multiverse Director Laura Peticolas, “it is truly a transformative, life-changing experience, and we want to prepare people for that.”

During the workshop, Multiverse will also discuss its new citizen science project, the Eclipse Megamovie. This project, which is being proposed to the National Science Foundation, is an effort to recruit the help of citizens to document this rare event. The premise is simple; citizens are encouraged to take photos of the eclipse and submit them to a website, where the images will be compiled into a “Megamovie.” Besides being used for entertainment, the images used for the Megamovie will be analyzed and studied by solar research scientists.

Many hotels, campgrounds and vacation rentals are already booked for Aug. 21, 2017, as thousands of “eclipse chasers” have chosen Lincoln City to be their viewing spot. Thousands of visitors are expected to flock to the Oregon Coast and witness the event.

Previously known as the Center for Science Education, Multiverse provides earth and space science educational opportunities and resources for a variety of audiences, especially for those who are underrepresented in the sciences. Audiences include teachers, students, education, and outreach professionals and the public. Multiverse partners with NASA, the National Science Foundation, science centers and museums.

For more information about Multiverse, go to multiverse.ssl.berkley.edu

For more information about the Eclipse Across America Awareness Tour, contact Multiverse Public Education Specialist Darlene Yan at 510-643-3936 or Darlene@ssl.berkeley.edu

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