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In a class of their own

Published on January 2, 2018 12:43PM

By Kindra Crick

By Kindra Crick

Siobhan Humston

Siobhan Humston

Dan Bottom

Dan Bottom

The departing class of resident artists from the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology will be showing the fruits of a fall spent at the secluded campus in a Show & Tell set for Saturday, Jan. 6.

The free event will give guests the chance to stroll the wooded campus and chat with the residents about their work.

The Show and Tell will feature work by Siobhan Humston, an interdisciplinary fine artist exploring notions of journeys and nature; Dan Bottom, a fishery research biologist with deep roots in the wetland restoration in the Salmon River Estuary; Alexis Williams, a Canadian artist who mixes biology and mysticism; Kevin McLean, an ecologist processing research from his studies of wildlife in tropical forest canopies; and Kindra Crick, a Jordan Schnitzer printmaking resident integrating neuroscience and visual art.

Dan Bottom has worked in state and federal government for 38 years, including 22 years with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Corvallis and 16 years with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Newport. His research interests include salmon, estuaries and environmental history. He helped to initiate a long-term study of the effects of wetland restoration on salmon populations in the Salmon River estuary, home of the Sitka Center of Art and Ecology. He retired from federal service in 2016 but continues serving as courtesy faculty at Oregon State University and as a technical advisor for a large habitat restoration program in the Columbia River estuary.

Siobhan Humston is an interdisciplinary fine artist based in Vancouver, BC. She uses drawing as the foundation to her environmentally themed practice and also works with fiber arts, sculptural installation, sound and film. Her desire is to create works that help the viewer develop a deep connection to the environment, generating mindful, respectful impact and forward-thinking discussions.

Kevin McLean is an ecologist who uses motion-sensitive cameras to study wildlife in tropical forest canopies from Malaysian Borneo to the Ecuadorian Amazon. As he collects his scientific data, he uses writing, photos and videos to provide a view of some of the least-known species in the forest. McLean studied Earth Systems at Stanford University, completed his PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California — Davis.

Alexis Williams is a Canadian artist working with natural materials and electronics. Her MFA is from Concordia University where she studied print and bio-art. She runs the Ayatana Artists’ Research Program that facilitates artists’ study of nature through scientific and other points of view. She is a mycologist, a road kill lepidopterist, a sky gazer and a rural explorer, all of which inform her art practice. She is currently building empathy masks that will let their wearers experience the world with the senses of non-human organisms.

Kindra Crick, the granddaughter of scientist Francis Crick and the artist Odile Crick, creates artwork that gives visual expression to the wonder and process of scientific inquiry and discovery. In her installations and layered mixed-media work she incorporates drawings, diagrams, maps and imagery from under the microscope. Based in Portland, Crick has exhibited throughout the US and in the UK, including shows at the New York Hall of Science and MDI Biological Laboratory. As part of NW Noggin, an arts-integrated neuroscience outreach group, she created a neuroscience-inspired installation for the Phillips Collection in DC and gave an accompanying lecture at the Portland Art Museum.

The Show & Tell, which is free and open to the public, starts at 1 pm at the Sitka Center, located off Three Rocks Road in Otis, just north of Lincoln City.

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